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The Appointment Making Formula™:  

The next web-based workshop for 2011 will be on June 28th

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Each month we provide a series of webinars about telephone prospecting challenges and techniques. 
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The Appointment Making Formulais  designed for both the individual and the  corporate sales team.

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About Us


Caponi Performance Group is, simply put, a corporate sales training company focusing on immediate increase of top line revenue in ‘Business toOur sales training helps in your lead generation efforts and dramatically increase your sales. Business’ (B2B) selling environments.  We specialize in the lead generation or prospecting portion of the sales process: helping sales teams consistently get in front of more targets in less time.  We deliver, as appropriate, the underlying methodologies and best practices, and then the tools and techniques necessary in each unique selling environment to achieve the stated goals of our client’s management to increase sales and build their sales territory.

We have developed an integrated approach to prospecting that can be applied in any sales setting, for any company, in any industry.  Most of our customers are in business to business selling environments (both face-to-face and pure telesales), but because the same principles apply in any appointment setting process (and call), we have also helped companies in business to consumer (B2C) selling environments as well. Regardless of how they define their go-to-target market strategy, they all share one thing in common: a need to get in front of more new potential customers in order to be successful.

We are a founding partner in an organization called the International Alliance of Sales Trainers and Consultants.  There are thirteen current members spread all across the U.S. and Canada.  Together, we bring to the table over 275 man (and woman) years of experience and knowledge.  That experience and inherent knowledge comes in the form of sales training, consulting, sales management, best practices development, direct and indirect selling, marketing management, prospect management and general management.   We have spent the last seven-and-a-half years researching the industries top sales training, tactical methodologies, processes, techniques and tools.  When added to our own experience in different industries, selling models, products and services, we can now bring our collective experience to bear on, we believe, is virtually any sales challenge (yours).

As we use our own sales methodologies and best practices in selling our own services.  Our approach is to use The Appointment Making Formula to set up our initial appointments and the questioning skills we teach in the Basic and Advanced Selling and Questioning Skills Workshop to uncover the challenges, priorities and ROI models of each of our prospects before tailoring a program of corporate sales training and/or sales management consulting to address what we uncovered in as short a time frame as possible and in a measurable way. 

The corporate sales training workshops delivered are based on the proven and successful methodologies, processes, tools and techniques developed by not only ourselves, but the industry gurus such as Brian Tracy, Stephan Schiffman, Anthony Parinello (Selling to VITO), Keith Rosen (Idiot’s Guide to Cold Calling), George Walther (Heat Up Your Cold Calls), Miller-Heiman (Strategic Account Selling), Neil Rackham (Spin Selling), Michael Boylan (The Power To Get In), Robert Cialdini (The Science of Influence), Stephen Covey (Seven Habits), and Dorothy Leeds (The 7 Powers of Questions), among others. 

The sales training, sales consulting and sales management services offered by the Caponi Performance Group, Inc. are personally delivered by veterans of sales and sales management, bringing both personal selling experience as well as proven methodologies to bear on your sales challenges.


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