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The next web-based workshop for 2011 will be on June 28th 

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Each month we provide a series of webinars about telephone prospecting challenges and techniques. 
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The Appointment Making Formulais  designed for both the individual and the  corporate sales team.

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The Appointment Making Formula™ Sales Training
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The Appointment Making Formula™ Sales Training   (Delivered in-house or via the web)


Sales training to double or better your appointments and increase sales

WHAT IT IS: Corporate sales training using proven methods (skills and techniques) for dramatically improving the effectiveness of prospecting conversations, resulting in the ability to generate more sales leads by converting a higher proportion of conversations into genuine appointments.  We refer to this as the 'Art'.  

PARTICIPANTS in The Appointment Making Formula™ workshop learn how to:

    • Develop a set of best practices and practice a proven telephone prospecting approach to deftly and professionally get through to the decision maker more often;
    • Overcome common objections quickly and easily
    • Get more return calls
    • Set the appointment!

The Formula can be taught in a face-to-face on-site environment or over the web.  Our delivery program is called the Prospector’s Academy™.  The Prospector’s Academy™ includes an intensive total immersion training program that actually helps prospectors learn on the job, and ensures that time away from pipeline selling activities is kept to an acceptable level. During the Prospector’s Academy™ Total Immersion training program (see the separate Information Sheet), sales professionals are given a thorough grounding in the range of skills and techniques that come together in The Formula™.


How The Appointment Making Formula™ is Different

Most appointment making methodologies have us concentrate the majority of our effort on the opening message and then teach us to handle those first objections we receive with logic. The problem with that approach is that it doesn’t work as well as we think it should. That is because of two ground rules our targets instinctively play by:

  1. Less than five percent of our universe of targets believe they are in the market for what we are selling when we call them...so they don't think they need to talk to us.

  2. No matter when we call, we are interrupting that person from doing something...so they don't want to talk to us.


Until we get them beyond the initial ‘knee jerk’ reaction of saying anything (including lying to us) to get us off the phone, logic has no place in their thinking.

Our Art methodology acknowledges this reality of human nature and provides the ‘formula’ to get the target to stop thinking about how to get us off the phone for a moment and open their minds to a short conversation where we can apply a proven, logical set of techniques to counter their responses more effectively.

The concepts and techniques behind The Formula are designed to incrementally improve your sales teams to consistently set more Initial Appointments. The Formula™ is the most effective set of skills and techniques available today and is specifically designed to deliver success in telephone prospecting and setting those critical initial appointments.


For a more thorough description of the Face-to-Face version of this workshop,

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Tactical Opportunity Management
Basic and Advanced Selling and Questioning Skills
Telephone Selling Skills


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