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The next web-based workshop for 2011 will be on June 28th

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Each month we provide a series of webinars about telephone prospecting challenges and techniques. 
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The Appointment Making Formulais  designed for both the individual and the  corporate sales team.

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Coming in the Spring - Networking Workshop   A holistic approach to Networking to reduce your need to Cold Call and increase your sales!



Client Testimonials

What results do clients report after receiving training from Caponi Performance Group?

“One of the biggest struggles for virtually any new B2B franchisee is getting enough selling appointments in the beginning to get a new business off the ground. Your total solution that simultaneously addresses both the effectiveness and efficiency of that process should be part of every business’ sales strategy.”
- Rich Hall - TeamLogic IT Director of Franchise


Increase your sales and grow your sales territory to become a winner!"I want to say thank you so very much for such a wonderful workshop that you gave on Cold Calling one month ago. I have seen you present numerous times and always enjoyed your entertaining humor and the ease that you present the information to us. Your class was just outstanding, your depth of knowledge, combined with your easy style and made the difference for me.

Since I have left your class I have used your techniques and have closed three sales. It was easy for me and fun to do thanks to you and your workshop."

- Sarah Beatty - The Preston Group



"You should see my calendar! Your techniques really work."
Harry Polly - VP Commercia Bank


“At Cartridge on Wheels, and our Discount Imaging locations as well, we’re a very big believer in the benefits of addressing the need for getting in front of more prospects with the help of your approach of addressing all aspects of the challenge simultaneously. The telemarketing portion has produced an overwhelming carry over effect into our actual face to face cold calling. There is absolutely no question that our franchise operations that have implemented The Formula so far are setting more appointments and, as a result, are closing more business. We've made this an integral part of our sales directive nationally.

It’s always exciting to hear our franchisees tell their stories of how the techniques of The Formula have worked to get appointments with even the most challenging prospects. The "Bridge Questions" absolutely work brilliantly. But more importantly for us are the long term implications of working the process that you helped us define and implement. In the toughest of economic times, we’re not only selling more right now, but we’re also building better defined territories that will benefit us over time regardless of who the sales rep is solely because of Klpz.

I highly recommend the Caponi Performance Group as a whole, & "ColdCalling101" to anyone who needs to set more appointments, make more sales, expand their customer base, and gain control over territories.”

Tommy Foster - National Sales Director, Cartridge on Wheels



"We’ve seen three distinct successes from the total approach Barry & Bob bring to the table. First, we’ve certainly seen sales result from the additional appointments our team is setting. Second, we now also have visibility into what our sales teams are actually doing every day to set appointments. Third, we’ve now got the skills to turn more conversations into appointments and the ability to coach our struggling sales people with focused effort."
Bob Sanford - Regional Vice President Terminix Commercial Services



“What Coldcalling101 teaches is now becoming part of our culture. Our people are now tracking their calls, their contacts, and their appointments.

It’s part of a larger cultural change arising out of CC101’s training that I am very happy with. One representative in particular made a point of telling me what he had learned as a result of tracking all of his ratios. He mentioned to me that he was closing exactly one out of every 3.65 calls.

This is the kind of specificity we were missing beforehand. As a result of this kind of change, our revenues are up, and our sales are up. Perhaps most important of all, we have gone from a culture of improvising to a culture of measuring."
Rob Russo - Chase Merchant Services



"We’re big fans of the combined value of Klpz, The Formula and the set of Best Practices you developed for us. The results were so good when I was using your solution at Terminix that we couldn’t wait to implement it here when we began Green Rain. There is no question that we’re able to get through the appointment setting process in half the time it took before. We’re getting conversations with the decision maker more often and more importantly, turning more of those conversations into quality appointments. There is no question that the result has been a measurable increase in sales."
Calvin Thigpen - President Green Rain Pest Control


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