Representative Results and Testimonials

The ColdCalling101 solution has routinely doubled or better the number of Initial Appointments being set by sales teams that have implemented our methodology and process. In this section, you'll find both some representative results taken directly from customer reports and then some testimonials from a large variety of customers.

Three Examples of Representative Customer Results:

  • Customer A is in the services industry. The data is based on an early pilot we conducted with an eight sales professional academy. Their average sized sale is $1,500:
    • Revenue increase for ten months of pilot by more than $875,000
    • Percentage increase in sales was more than 46%
    • Number of Initial Appointments set – 824
    • ROI on program – 5500%
  • Customer B is in the business-to-business side of the insurance industry. The data is based on one of their first academies totaling 22 reps with an average sized sale of $6,000:
    • Revenue generated in first six weeks from new Initial Appointments estimated at more than $132,000
    • Identification of six reps unwilling to do the activity occurred within the first six weeks
    • Number of Initial Meetings set – 98
    • Number of Initial Meetings set in first two weeks ‐ 45
    • ROI on program was more than 500% in first six weeks
  • Customer C is a franchisor in the business-to-business services industry. The data is based on an eight sales professional academy made up of different franchisee operations having an average sized sale of $12,000:
    • Appointments generated during the two-week academy – 26 vs. 5 in the two weeks prior
    • Dials to Conversation Ratio – 32% (up from estimated 15%)
    • Conversations to Appointments Ratio – 30% (up from estimated 10%)
    • Actual results from one caller – 44 dials in 2 ½ hours (17.5 calls per hour) resulted in 7 sales within a week that more than paid for the academy.
    • Extrapolated ROI on program based on the academy results, applying their typical closing ratio > 29,000%


"We've seen three distinct successes from the total approach Barry & Bob bring to the table through their ColdCalling101 approach. First, we've certainly seen sales result from the additional appointments our team is setting. Second, we now also have visibility into what our sales teams are actually doing every day to set appointments. Third, we've now got the skills to turn more conversations into appointments and the ability to coach our struggling sales people with focused effort."

Bob Sanford – Regional Vice President Terminix Commercial Services

"What the Caponi Performance Group teaches is now becoming part of our culture. It's part of a larger cultural change arising out of the CPG training that I am very happy with. One representative in particular made a point of telling me what he had learned as a result of tracking all of his ratios. He mentioned to me that he was closing exactly one out of every 3.65 calls.

This is the kind of specificity we were missing beforehand. As a result of this kind of change, our revenues are up, and our sales are up. Perhaps most important of all, we have gone from a culture of improvising to a culture of measuring."

Rob Russo – Vice President of Sales at Chase Merchant Services

"Within the first six months after going through The Formula appointment making training workshop our sales increased 20%. Having a logical and systematic approach that was easy to learn and implement I believe helped lead to that result.

Our sales team reported back that they were no longer afraid to make the calls because they were prepared to handle the typical negative responses they consistently heard and that the 'Bridge Questions' allowed for them to stay in control of the conversation. The system also really helped us keep focused on the real reason for the call – to set a face‐to‐face appointment ‐ not to sell over the phone."

Ken Rosen – National Sales Director at Monitronics

"I have been associated with Barry and his associates for over five years. We hired Barry to coach our national sales team and the results were terrific. I would highly recommend Barry and the Caponi Performance Group as speakers, sales coaches and consummate professionals."

Hul Kenney – National Sales Manager Employment Screening Services

"Barry is the Guru for training sales teams to make outbound calls which are effective, efficient and productive. Barry really helps prepare and coach Reps to make targeted calls and to overcome the five most common objections that they will face. We went through the training course with Barry and found it informative and it definitely helped us set up more appointments. Even Sr. Sales Reps with years of experience can learn how to be more productive with Barry's help."

Dave Cropper – President at Preferred Sales Concepts

"I wanted to thank you again for the workshops you did for us last year and bring you up-to-date on our success. We made the techniques you taught us a part of our selling culture and it made a significant difference in our sales, and moreover, in the valuation of the company which paid off when we were acquired late in the year."

Richard Merrick – CEO at PostFuture/Harte-Hanks

"Barry is an expert sales performance coach and trainer. Because of the measureable results that his training provided he continues to train all new recruits to my team, I can recommend him without reservation."

Paul Hamer – Senior Vice at President Davaco, Inc.

"Using the script you helped me develop, I got one of the typical knee-jerk responses we predicted and was easily able to counter it just the way we prepared for and practiced it. The result was an appointment with the largest financial planning firm in the Metroplex. If I had not had the coaching to be able to talk with these people in an engaging way, this never would have happened!"

Kim Kelly – Equitect Insurance Services

"You should see my calendar! Your techniques really work."

Harry Polly Vice President at Comerica Bank

"One of the biggest struggles for virtually any new B2B franchisee is getting enough selling appointments in the beginning to get a new business off the ground. Your total solution that simultaneously addresses both the effectiveness and efficiency of that process should be part of every business' sales strategy."

Rich Hall - Director of Franchise Operations at TeamLogic IT

"The team has gotten more appointments in less time - which as translated into more sales since we took your training. Thanks!"

Tracy Miller – Infogix Director of Sales

"I have used, ACT!, and custom built CRM's. None of them compare to Klpz when it comes to telephone prospecting. My appointments have tripled since I began using Klpz."

Eli Regalado – Sales Representative at Zunesis

"At Cartridge on Wheels, and our Discount Imaging locations as well, we're a very big believer in the benefits of addressing the need for getting in front of more prospects with the help of your approach of addressing all aspects of the challenge simultaneously. The telemarketing portion has produced an overwhelming carry over effect into our actual face to face cold calling. There is absolutely no question that our franchise operations that have implemented The Formula so far are setting more appointments and, as a result, are closing more business. We've made this an integral part of our sales directive nationally.

It's always exciting to hear our franchisees tell their stories of how the techniques of The Formula have worked to get appointments with even the most challenging prospects. The "Bridge Questions" absolutely work brilliantly. But more importantly for us are the long term implications of working the process that you helped us define and implement. In the toughest of economic times, we're not only selling more right now, but we're also building better defined territories that will benefit us over time regardless of who the sales rep is solely because of Klpz.

I highly recommend the Caponi Performance Group as a whole, & 'ColdCalling101' to anyone who needs to set more appointments, make more sales, expand their customer base, and gain control over territories."

Tommy Foster – National Sales Director at Cartridge on Wheels

"If the focus of your business is on prospecting and appointment setting, then Barry is your Man! Barry has become one of the leading thought leaders in the country on the subject. Barry has over 25 years of sales and sales management experience that he brings to the table. So, if your sales team is struggling filling the pipeline with more qualified targets (prospects), then I highly recommend you call Barry today. Barry is one of the nicest most trustworthy Individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, thanks for all that you've done to help improve our appointment setting. It's substantially improved our sales!"

Pat Piket - Regional Sales Manager at Sales Integrity

"Barry is the real deal. He's a real sales pro with the background that exudes immediate credibility and gets the change-ball rolling. Barry knows that generating sales is not a matter of the "right trick"; but is a matter of executing a proven program from seller to to sales management. Barry not only helped my sales team become more effective (and profitable) but also made me much more effective as a sales manager. Thank you, Barry!"

Mike Reyher – Vice President of Sales at DataStarUSA

"The training session was outstanding. Barry was excellent in his presentation skills, organization and delivery of the information. The pre-training meeting Barry and I had provided an excellent foundation for the class. I was able to provide him with a profile of the team and certain objections we face on a daily bases and he addressed every one of them during the training session. We've seen a measurable uptick in appointments and know we'll be closing more business soon."

Joe Gammon – Director of Sales at the Dallas Business Journal

"Barry is the number one recommendation I make to anyone seeking help with the most misunderstood phase of the sales cycle - getting the appointment. Ninety-nine percent (99%) of salespeople fail repeatedly at this important step, and the results show in their lack of performance. Barry has succeeded in "cracking the code," and is brilliant at showing people how to not only overcome a major obstacle to their success, but how to actually look forward to 'picking up the phone." If you have sales people needing improvement, or want to personally succeed in the sales business, contacting Barry and his company should be your very next call!"

Jim Penny – President at N10 LLC

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