The Prospector's Academy™ – Total Immersion Training for ColdCalling101

Delivering the Skills, Tools and Processes to Jumpstart and Sustain Your Company's Approach to Successful Prospecting
The Prospector's Academy is how we deliver the individually tailored ColdCalling101 Solution to your organization. It is an intensive total immersion approach that gives sales professionals and management a complete grounding in the skills, tools and processes that come together to form the ColdCalling101 Solution. It includes all the components required to jumpstart and sustain your company's new successful approach to prospecting.

The Prospector's Academy is based on the proven learning concept that people absorb new information and develop new habits when content is presented in a concentrated format. This intensive and focused delivery approach, however, is offset by the never ending demands on sales teams to generate revenue. Therefore, a typical academy is interspersed within the selling week's normal activities over an initial three-week period. It is delivered either totally in a face-to-face setting, through Web-based sessions, or through a combination of the two.

Hands-On Practice on Real Targets
The Prospector's Academy is designed to include ample hands-on practice, combined with scheduled blocks of call time, for making calls to targets so that sales professionals can immediately apply what is learned. By the end of the initial three weeks, calendars will have more Initial Appointments scheduled compared to previous attempts at appointment making. This ensures that time away from pipeline selling activities is not only kept to a minimum, but also has an immediate return on the investment of that time.

After learning more about our training approach, as our clients have, you'll discover that it has a very high and quickly realized ROI. You'll also find that learning a fundamentally different way of prospecting and setting more Initial Appointments is no trivial task. Therefore, it must be viewed as a process – not as a training 'event'.

Ongoing Reinforcement

According to the Sales Executive Council's research, those sales professionals who receive 3+ hours of coaching a month, on average, achieve 107% of quota, compared with an attainment of 82% for those who don't. Our experience training sales teams mirrors this telling metric. In order to support and leverage this reality, we build-in periodic scheduled coaching sessions beyond the initial two weeks at both the sales management and sales professional levels to assure that gains are sustained. This is accomplished by working with our customers to determine how best to deliver this ongoing reinforcement: through the company's own staff, or our through our own.

The Results
The table below shows how the comprehensive approach of addressing both efficiency and effectiveness simultaneously can have a dramatic affect on sales revenue, even when the improvement in any one of the key metrics is modest. In this conservative example we show the results of:

  • Doubling the number of attempts to reach out to our targets in the same amount of time
  • Increasing the percentage of the time we get through to the decision maker (by just one percentage point)
  • Increasing the percentage of conversations that resulted in an appointment (by only four percentage points)

In this illustration, we've assumed that the final closing percentage remained the same, yet the impact on the final revenue number is substantial – a 175% increase – because of the fulcrum effect generated at the front end of the selling process by moving the needle on all three key appointment setting metrics simultaneously.

Results like these simply cannot be achieved by working the traditional processes harder and longer, nor by addressing only one element of the challenge. Only the fundamentally different approach of the ColdCalling101 Solution offered through the Prospector's Academy provides all the components you need to achieve this level of success.

Find Out More
A properly implemented program consisting of Art, Science and Best Practices for the process of appointment making always pays for itself within the very first buying cycle. What impact would a doubling or better of the number of initial appointments set by your sales team have on your business? Contact the Caponi Performance Group to learn more.

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The ColdCalling101 Solution

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