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The ColdCalling101™ Solution

Transform Your Sales Team with a Powerful Approach to More Effective Prospecting The ColdCalling101 solution has routinely doubled or better the number of Initial Appointments being set by sales teams that have implemented the methodology and process. It has been designed using well-established principles of management and human behavior, and is strongly grounded in practical experience. The solution provides an all-encompassing approach to meeting the prospecting challenge of keeping the pipeline consistently filled with qualified opportunities. And although it is principally applied in pure telephone prospecting environments, we have many customers who begin the process through face-to-face canvassing and follow-up through the use of the telephone...

Our ColdCalling101 approach is unique because it is much more than a traditional sales training course and more than a toolset. It is an all-encompassing solution that transforms the sales team's whole approach to prospecting by taking the pain and dread out of traditional approaches, and replacing it with easy to use techniques and simple to follow processes.

We treat appointment making as a business process and break it down into three key component parts, plus two delivery components. When combined, it provides the skills, processes and tools for sales professionals; and for sales managers, so that they may easily monitor, measure and manage their teams through quantitative metrics.

The five components of the ColdCalling101 Solution are as follows:

The Art of Telephone Prospecting - Skills & Techniques

The Art of telephone prospecting provides the skills and techniques needed to dramatically improve the effectiveness of prospecting conversations using our guiding methodology called The Appointment Making Formula™. The Art includes understanding how to:

  • Deftly get through to decision makers more often
  • Control the flow of the conversation with the target
  • Effectively and professionally counter the inevitable negative responses
  • Secure an agreement to meet – with a genuinely qualified and interested target

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The Science – Automated Prospecting Tools

The Science of telephone prospecting is based on Klpz, ColdCalling101's specialized Web-based prospecting application that delivers measurable efficiency improvements. With the support of Klpz, callers will be able to:

  • Execute their own set of Best Practices consistently, accurately and efficiently
  • Spend just the right amount of time on each step of their Best Practice process
  • Reduce the amount of time spent on telephone prospecting by half, or double the number of calls being made in their current time frame
  • Deliver results with less physical and mental effort
  • Benefit from automated tracking and reporting of results
  • Be able to confidently handle hundreds of targets simultaneously

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Best Practices – Customized Processes

Best Practices are tailored for each selling environment prior to a Prospector's Academy. They support the Art, Science and how sales management employs both. They boost both effectiveness and efficiency by providing a well-defined and proven framework of skills, tools and processes for telephone prospecting quickly and easily with access to all needed information. This reduces wasted effort, improves time management and increases focus on priority tasks. Best Practices include:

  • The definition of who and where are our best targets
  • Who we want to meet with within those target companies
  • How to best approach those targets (canvas, email, direct mail, phone, etc.)
  • How many times to call and the timing of those calls
  • Defining the appropriate size of a territory in terms of the number of targets capable of being pursued using the adopted Best Practices
  • The messaging and techniques involved in getting through to the decision maker
  • The messaging and techniques involved in countering the inevitable negative responses heard on most attempts
  • The messaging used in voicemails, e-mails and corresponding videos, where used

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Management Training for Short Term Coaching and Long Term Sustainable Gains

The Management component provides sales management with an understanding of how to apply the skills, processes and tools necessary to sustain consistent success over the long term. The Management component addresses sustainability by providing sales managers and sales professionals with everything they need to better be able to:

  • Understand how best to support and provide focused coaching to their individual sales team members
  • Monitor the process unobtrusively
  • Accurately measure the results
  • Be able to confidently make decisions based on the accurate and timely information.

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The Prospector's Academy™ – Total Immersion Training

The Prospector's Academy is an intensive total immersion training program that is based on how people best learn new skills and processes while balancing that against a sales team's need to continually concentrate on their primary objective, revenue. The result is a condensed learning experience conducive to learning with plenty of time for continued selling activities.

This approach delivers all the components required to jumpstart and sustain your company's new successful approach to prospecting. A typical academy is interspersed over a three-week period and is delivered face-to-face, through Web-based sessions, or a combination of the two. It includes lots of practice combined with scheduled blocks of time for making calls to targets so that sales professionals immediately apply what is learned and the calendar has more Initial Appointments on it by the end of the academy than it did going into it. The program:

  • Provides a concentrated focus on the subject matter
  • Leverages how people learn best
  • Helps sales professionals learn on the job, generating real appointments as part of the learning process
  • Provides immediate and continuous reinforcement of Best Practices
  • Provides quantitative and qualitative feedback for modification of Best Practices as needed
  • Ensures that time away from pipeline selling activities is minimized
  • Enables the immediate generation of ROI

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The ColdCalling101 Solution

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