The Science – Automated Prospecting Tools

Web-Based Prospecting Tools that Deliver Measurable Performance Increases and Help Remove the Pain of Cold Calling

The Science of telephone prospecting is based on Klpz, ColdCalling101's specialized Web-based prospecting application that delivers measurable efficiency improvements. With the support of Klpz, callers will be able to:

  • 1. For Sales Management and Marketing Management, Klpz:
    • Automatically generates the activity, success and ratio reports necessary for proactive coaching of sales professionals on an individual basis
    • Provides the vehicle for retaining ownership of the targets that are being pursued in case of turnover or change of responsibilities
    • Provides ample warning time to head off potential revenue shortfalls caused by a decrease in the appropriate prospecting activity
    • Provides reports on different marketing lead acquisition programs such as trade shows, networking efforts or list purchases
    • Provides a quantitative method to calculate how many leads a sales professional can handle during any given period.
  • 2. For the Sales Rep, Klpz:
    • Records their actions and keeps track of their targets, when they are to be called again, and what happened last time, etc., with nothing more than a couple of mouse clicks
    • Suggests the Best Practices that should be applied as the next step in the pursuit of a given target;
    • Decreases their workload which means they are more likely to use it
    • Reduces the administrative time between calls necessary to record activity so sales professionals can call more targets in half the time
    • Completely eliminates the need to create activity, ratio and goal vs. results reports as their activity actually creates those reports for them
  • 3. For the sales trainer and sales management, Klpz:
    • Continually monitors performance and sustains the return on the investment in the Art

The Science is fully integrated into our comprehensive ColdCalling101 approach. Klpz supports the efficient execution Best Practices which in turn embed the skills and techniques of The Appointment Making Formula™. And, Klpz supplies the metrics that are needed to measure performance and drive continued improvement.

The Need to Keep Track of Targets Quickly and Easily

Telephone prospecting is one of the few business processes that have not been automated in most companies because, until now, there has never been a comprehensive solution like ColdCalling101. Yet without an automated process, the mechanics of keeping up with the targets we need to pursue each day, and manage that work over weeks and months, creates a paperwork mountain that's pure drudgery to climb.

Following the ideal pursuit plan for a single target is challenging enough. But even the most organized and disciplined of us find it challenging to simultaneously manage large numbers of pursuits day after day.

Klpz was built by prospectors, for prospectors, not just to eliminate the drudgery, but to dramatically increase efficiency. Klpz thinks and remembers so we can focus on our Art. Klpz features fast and easy navigation of any Best Practice, and it provides metrics to let us know how we are doing. Klpz is the Science built expressly for telephone prospecting.

Klpz Thinks and Remembers

Klpz packages and presents everything we need to do in a clear, concise way, and remembers everything we have done. With Klpz, we build a Cycle where we define our Best Practice for the pursuit of a set of targets. The cycle includes:

  • The number of calls in the ideal pursuit process
  • The actions to take at each call
  • The messages to be delivered for each voicemail and email
  • The timing between the calls.

This ideal pursuit plan is built to our specifications. We can pursue each target precisely, which includes keeping our messaging consistent.

Using Klpz, we can prospect dozens or hundreds of targets at the same time and never get lost. We don't have to keep up with what to do next. Klpz does it for us.

Klpz also has a built-in messaging tool which can use video to help deliver a story to the difficult to reach. It is best used for customer testimonials or to tell a hard to verbalize story visually.

Fast and Easy Navigation

With Klpz, we simply login and prospect. It is the easiest approach to telephone prospecting ever designed. We navigate the Klpz application using only two screens and a mouse. The only typing we do is to record comments.

Using our mouse, Klpz guides us through a pre-defined set of steps of the ideal telephone prospecting process–our Best Practices. The real payoff is speed. Klpz is the fastest way to move from conversation to conversation.

Using Klpz we can achieve the best use of the time we allocate to telephone prospecting. In many cases, Caponi Performance Group customers have doubled their appointment setting performance. In every case sales professionals using Klpz spend more time calling, using our Art and Best Practices–and less on operating software.

Metrics and Key Performance Indicators

Klpz takes the guesswork out of three critical telephone prospecting metrics–Dials, Conversations and Appointments–by capturing our mouse clicks and converting them into reports that will help us monitor, measure and manage our telephone prospecting program. Using Klpz, the generation of reports to help us understand the three key telephone prospecting metrics is an automatic byproduct of activity, not a time-consuming activity in itself.

Having confidence in the accuracy and completeness of those basic metrics, and having easy access to them through Klpz reports, enables us to use them in a range of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) we can use every day to improve our performance.

Why Klpz is Superior to CRM

A commonly asked question is, "Why is the Klpz approach better than what my CRM offers?" The short answer is that CRM systems, although they do well addressing their primary purpose, were not designed for process automation of calling programs. In fact, in terms of helping us set more appointments in less time, they are actually counter-productive as the benchmark chart below indicates.

CRM systems do not automate telephone prospecting workflow. They are not designed to support each company's individual Best Practices. Klpz is fully optimized for a specialist purpose–supporting sales professionals in the prospecting phase of selling.

Klpz does not replace CRM–it complements it by feeding the pipeline. But by using Klpz instead of (or as a front end) to CRM to move the management of telephone prospecting to a new level, users will achieve much higher levels of efficiency and success in setting Initial Appointments.

In terms of user efficiency, the fast and easy navigation provided by Klpz measurably reduces the time spent to navigate a series of calls. The table shows the result of our benchmarking of the physical task of calling ten targets in a row using Klpz versus using three well-known CRM systems. The benchmark measured the number of clicks needed, the number of screens necessary and the amount of time spent for the sales professional to navigate the ten calls.

Another big advantage that Klpz has over CRM systems is that Klpz thinks and remembers. The prospector does not have to spend time and energy remembering who to call next, how to set up the target for the next call and what step comes next. Klpz frees up our mental energy for more focus on making the calls and exercising the Art.

In addition to increasing effectiveness, saving time and reducing effort, Klpz adds even more value in a way that CRM systems cannot. Klpz is a real working tool that sales professionals use all the time to automatically track work and gather the metrics. This enables sales professionals and managers to monitor performance and find ways to continuously improve Best Practices and Art. CRM tools do not provide this level of telephone prospecting metrics and management capability.

You Make the Call

The ColdCalling101 solution, delivered through The Prospector's Academy™ Total Immersion Training Program, makes it possible for sales teams to consistently set more Initial Appointments using Klpz–our specialized Web-based telephone prospecting management application that delivers measurable efficiency improvements. Klpz has been designed to work within the Prospector's Academy Total Immersion Training Program to play a key part in delivering success in setting those critical Initial Appointments.

A properly implemented program consisting of Art, Science and Best Practices for the process of appointment making always pays for itself within the very first buying cycle. What impact would a doubling or better of the number of initial appointments set by your sales team have on your business? Contact the Caponi Performance Group to learn more.

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