What Kind of Measurable Results are Attainable?

ROI for Setting More Initial Appointments and More

The Sales Activity Calculator is free and available for download. It is a powerful tool to help us determine the Return on Investment (ROI) on a Prospector's Academy. It also provides answers to several other perplexing challenges that face sales managers today:

  • How many more Initial Appointments should I expect?
  • What kind of sales impact should result from those increases?
  • How quickly can I expect to see those results?
  • How much time does the team need to dedicate to making appointment setting calls?
  • How many dials does the team need to make to hit our goals?
  • How many Initial Appointments do we need to hit our goals?
  • Are our goals reasonable based on the activity required to sell?
  • Do I have the right number of sales people to hit my corporate revenue targets?
  • How much would it cost to have Caponi Performance Group implement the ColdCaling101 Solution?

Before engaging in a contract with the Caponi Performance Group, clients always want to know, "What impact will setting more Initial Appointments have on our revenue?"

The short answer is: Substantial.

An Example of the impact the Prospector's Academy has:

The Appointment Making Process

For the purposes of calculating an ROI with the Sales Activity Calculator, we need to define the stages in the Appointment Making Process as follows:

  • DIALS (D): This is simply the number of actual
  • COMPLETED CONVERSATIONS (CC): This category represents a conversation with the target regarding an appointment
  • INITIAL APPOINTMENTS (IA): This category represents a face-to-face, phone, or Web-based initial discussion to determine if it makes sense to both of us to move forward in the selling process
  • PROSPECTS RESULTING FROM IA: This category represents those targets that, as a result of the IA, agree to move forward in the selling process (agree to become a 'prospect')
  • CLOSES: This category includes a contract, P.O., or however we define a closed opportunity

ROI Analysis with the Sales Activity Calculator
Let's look at an analysis using the Sales Activity Calculator where the entire set of skills, tools and processes of the ColdCalling101 Solution are applied to the Appointment Making process. In this real client example, we are being extremely conservative in the results to show the compounding value of even minor improvements when the entire telephone prospecting process is addressed simultaneously. Learn more about creating a culture of sustainable Appointment Making for your company with the Management Component of the Prospector's Academy.

In the first stage of our example (above), our sale professional makes about 50 dials per week as represented in column one. In column number two, we see that he gets through to targets about 8% of the time. We call this the Conversation Ratio. The sales professional is able to convert 18% of those conversations into appointments (the Appointment Ratio) and then in column number four, we see he closes about 25% of those sales (Close Ratio). The average sale is $12,000 so at the end of the year, the sales professional has generated $96,000.

Let's see what happens when we impact effectiveness through improved Best Practices and skills following a Prospector's Academy. The result is that we move the Conversation Ratio needle ever so slightly – in this example, from 8% to 9%.

The result is a 13% increase in sales at the end of the year. The reason that the actual increase is much higher is because of the leverage we get from the improvement being so far forward in the selling process. Appointment making is the one stage of the buying process that can act as a fulcrum and dramatically impact the final results of the process.

Let's move on the Appointment Ratio. This ratio is almost entirely impacted by skills. In this example, we're able to move the needle from 18% to 22%. This ratio is the easiest to move, and again, the improvement shown here is a very conservative number. As a matter of fact, most of our clients see this ratio improve well beyond the 4% represented in this example.

When added to the improvement we received from the Conversation Ratio, we're now looking at a cumulative improvement of 38%!

Now let's look at what happens when we improve efficiency through the use of Klpz and the Best Practices that impact this metric. In this case our intrepid caller is able to double the number of actual dials placed each week through the use of Klpz. But, the most exciting thing to recognize is that Klpz allows us to accomplish this in the same amount of time (if not less time) than it took to make our previous 50 dials!

The result of the combination of addressing both the effectiveness and efficiency improvement now totals a whopping 175% with an increase of an additional $168,000 in revenue for this particular sales professional. Even at a very conservative 30% gross profit margin level, the ROI on the Prospector's Academy in this environment was beyond 3000% in the first year alone.

Schedule an Online Sales Activity Calculator Session
If you would like to see a Sales Activity Calculator ROI demonstration of setting more appointments in your environment, Contact Us to schedule an online GoToMeeting session. It only takes a few minutes to see the substantial impact that the Prospector's Academy can have on your sales team.

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What Kind of Measurable Results are Attainable?

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