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Helping Sales Professionals Fill-Up the Pipeline and Jumpstart the Selling Process

Selling to new customers is the lifeblood of any company. Whether your company has an experienced sales force or you are an independent professional or consultant, the cold calling experts at the Caponi Performance Group can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your Appointment Making process.

We service corporate sales teams and independent sales professionals and consultants as outlined below.

How Can the Caponi Performance Group Help Your Company?

The answer lies in solving some of the problems you may be facing in your selling environment.

For Sales Teams/Corporations:

Few companies have a successful sales prospecting program to deliver new customers on a consistent basis. Whether your company has a sales force of hundreds, or a handful of key players, the Caponi Performance Group can help your sales team consistently get in front of more targets in less time with a sustainable methodology that is easily repeatable as new reps come online. Do any of these situations sound familiar?:

  • Our sales team either cannot or will not prospect.

    We have given up on our sales team setting appointments, so we have outsourced that process as a last resort. It is not what we'd like to do, as it is difficult to train callers on our value propositions and monitor the results of that process. Our sales team also complains about the quality of the appointments being set for them.

  • Our appointment setting performance is the "elephant in our sales bullpen".

    We think we're addressing the cold calling and overall appointment setting challenge through programs that apply to the entire selling process, but it doesn't seem to be moving the needle forward. We don't seem to be willing (or able) to truly address this issue as a separate business challenge. We just seem to think it will take care of itself.

  • Our sales team says that it is either too difficult or too time consuming to make appointment making calls.

    It seems like half our sales professionals tell us that it just takes too much time to make the necessary calls to set their appointments. The other half tells us that they struggle to get through to decision makers and/or turning the conversations they do get into appointments.

  • My sales team does not know what to say turn a conversation with a decision maker into an appointment.

    Our sales professionals struggle in the most critical element of telephone prospecting; converting a conversation into an appointment.

  • We cannot create a sustainable program to adequately feed the pipeline.

    We seem to try one thing after another, and sometimes get a brief increase in productivity. However, it doesn't last long; we can never operate consistently at an enhanced level.

  • We don't have a set of well thought out processes or a set of proven 'Best Practices' across the organization.

    The whole appointment making process looks like the proverbial 'Black Box' to us. We are not quite sure how to build these 'Best Practices' that include things like how many times to call, how much time to commit to calling or how to turn a 'NO' into an appointment.

  • We do not have metrics or management tools to measure our progress.

    Every part of our business can be measured and then improved, except for our telephone prospecting. We are a metrics driven company, but have no metrics for the first step in the sales cycle. Sales managers are ill equipped to manage telephone prospecting.

  • We don't seem to be building territories over time even with continuity within the sales force. Compounding the problem, all of our territory development data leaves when the sales professional leaves.

    We have no concept of developing a territory over time. Every new sales professional starts at square one because the previous person left with all the prospecting history in his/her head, laptop or failed to put it into our CRM.

  • Our sales turnover is too high.

    We hire sales professionals that can close business, but our business model requires a lot of 'Cold Calling' and it seems that we lose too many sales professionals because they are unable to set enough appointments to fill the sales funnel.

  • It takes too much time and money to figure out which of our new hire sales professionals will 'make it' and which will not.

    We think we're recruiting and hiring the right skill set to be successful in our selling environment. But we don't seem to know which sales professionals will succeed until a reasonable ramp up time has expired plus a normal buying cycle. It is costing us too much money in salary, training and/or supervision.

  • The Marketing department complains that the leads they generate are not being pursued.

    We invest a lot of money in lead acquisition, but don't know what happens to those leads when they are turned over to the sales professional unless they actually become a prospect. This has lead to a rift between sales and marketing.

  • Our sales team is constantly complaining that they don't have enough leads.

    Even though we do supply some leads to our sales team, they seem to go through them like a hot knife through butter.

  • We're not sure where to go to define and acquire the right targets for our sales team to call on.

    We leave it to our sales professionals to do their own prospecting and we know they are spinning their wheels trying to do so.

  • We do formal sales training, but don't have a process to reinforce it back in the field.

    We have formal sales training programs that occur as a part of new hire training or as a part of periodic company sales meetings. However, we don't do a very good job of reinforcing those techniques and methodologies back in the field. The result is that much of the methodologies are never implemented.

Contact Us to learn how the ColdCalling101 Solution can double or better the number of Initial Appointments set by your sales team.

For Independent Sales Professionals and Consultants:

Independent sales professionals and consultants face different challenges than larger sales teams face. Although the challenge to sell is the same, independent sales professionals don't normally have access to the same tools, skills and processes that their larger team brethren do. Consultants face an additional challenge of not necessarily being schooled as sales professionals. Consultants are generally subject matter experts before sales professionals. We can help both of these groups who sell their services for a living set more appointments in less time and with significantly less daily effort. Do you see yourself in one or more of these scenarios?:

  • I am not consistently committing enough time to setting appointments each week.

    Many independent sales professionals and consultants find it difficult to commit the necessary time each week to prospecting so they just don't do it.

  • I commit the right amount of time per week to calling but would like to do it in less time.

    Many independent sales professionals and consultants have more of a time challenge because they have responsibilities beyond pure sales, so being able to actually set the same number of appointments in less time is more important than making more dials in the same amount of time.

  • I do not have a repeatable prospecting process. Without a proven plan to follow, sales professionals/consultants waste a large percentage of the dials made and the time it takes to complete them.

  • I don't know what to say to turn conversations into appointments.

    It's very common for independent sales professionals/consultants finding themselves struggling during the most critical element of telephone prospecting; converting a conversation into an appointment.

  • I don't know what to say to turn conversations into appointments.

    It's very common for independent sales professionals/consultants finding themselves struggling during the most critical element of telephone prospecting; converting a conversation into an appointment.

  • I use a CRM to manage my calling, but I am not very efficient. I seem to spend more time on the process of staying organized than on the telephone.

    Many sales professionals of all types struggle to achieve the 'best and highest use' of their calling time. They must spend more time operating the software to record steps in the calling process then they do speaking with targets.

  • I don't know how many dials I need to consistently hit my numbers.

    Knowing how much time or dials are needed to meet sales goals is important for attaining sales success.

  • I lose track of people I talk with who tell me to call back in a few months when they will be in a buying cycle.

    Losing the investment in time (and therefore dollars) made in previous dials because of forgetting to call back a 'warm' lead is a common occurrence.

  • I never seem to have enough leads to call and too many of those tend to all be 'Cold'

    Independent sales professionals and consultants are more often to not have an efficient lead generation capability and are therefore consistently looking for more leads to call. All sales professionals look for more leads because when they call a name a few times and don't get a hold of the person, they give up.

  • I have someone who calls for me, but I don't know how to manage them or to coach them to be more productive.

    Many independent sales professionals and consultants employ someone to set appointments for them, but don't see positive results or know how to help their callers improve until it is too late.

Contact Us to discover how our highly successful ColdCalling101 Solution can literally be a life changing experience for independent sales professionals and consultants.

What Are Your Sales Challenges?

What is the appointment setting challenge, and how does it affect my overall selling effort?

The ColdCalling101 Solution

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What Kind of Measurable Results are Attainable?

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