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The Appointment Making Formula™:  

The next web-based workshop for 2011 will be on June 28th

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Each month we provide a series of webinars about telephone prospecting challenges and techniques. 
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The Appointment Making Formulais  designed for both the individual and the  corporate sales team.

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The Appointment Making Formula™ Sales Training
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We publish a periodic sales email newsletter that is sent through a service called Constant Contact.  Our objective is to help you increase your sales through tips and ideas for both sales management and direct selling that you can apply to your selling environment. 

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Special: An Excerpt from Barry's new books, Contrary to Popular Belief, Cold Calling DOES Work!, Volume I: Effectiveness, The Art of Appointment Making and Volume II: The Science of Appointment Making.

April-May 2011 Article

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(Note:  There were no Newsletter Issues for April 2009 - Dec 2010)

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February-March 2009 Feature Article (Who Should Be Making Those Appointment Making Calls?)

January 2009 Issue

January 2009 Feature Article (What Are You Going to do Different in 2009?)

(Note:  There were no Newsletter Issues for Sept - Dec 2008)

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August 2008 Feature Article (Seven Steps to Still Finish the Year Strong)

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July 2008 Feature Article (Three Simple Steps to Create a Powerful Cold Calling Value Proposition)

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June 2008 Feature Article (Top 10 Mistakes Made by Cold Callers)

April-May 2008 Issue

April-May 2008 Feature Article (Getting Back to Basics)

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March 2008 Feature Article (Someone is Stealing from You - Creating a Powerful Elevator Speech)

February 2008 Issue

February 2008 Feature Article (Four Steps Towards Turning More Leads Into Prospects)

January 2008 Issue

January 2008 Feature Article (The 7 Powers of Questions)

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December 2007 Feature Article (Are You Insane?  Four Ways to Improve Your 2008)

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September 2007 Feature Article (How to Build a Territory)

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August 2007 Feature Article (Features, Advantages & Benefits)

July 2007 Issue

July 2007 Feature Article (How Many Sales to Make a Sale)

June 2007 Issue

June 2007 Feature Article (Sales Mecca Announcement)

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May 2007 Feature Article (Never Check Email in the Morning)

April 2007 Issue

April 2007 Feature Article (Part 3 of 3 – Six Principles of Influence)

March 2007 Issue

March 2007 Feature Article (Part 2 of 3 – Six Principles of Influence)

February 2007 Issue

February 2007 Feature Article (Part 1 of 3 – Six Principles of Influence)

January 2007 Full Issue

January 2007 Feature Article (Getting Back to Basics)

December 2006 Feature Article (The Art of the Next Calendar Event)


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